“The unrecorded past is none other than our old friend, the tree in the primeval forest which fell without being heard.”
Barbara Tuchman

Offerings and Costs

The various personal history options I offer include the following.  If, however, you have a unique need that is not listed, I will gladly help to craft a product that would suit you.

Typically, each hour of interview requires 10-14 hours of work, including transcription, organizing and editing the text, revising, scanning and incorporating images, designing the book and managing the production.

The various options are:

A FULL SERVICE LIFE STORY presented in a bound book… the story of a lifetime.

INTERVIEWS ONLY. This option offers 6 – 10 hours of the raw recorded interviews transferred to a CD or USB key.

THEME BOOKS. This option captures slices of people’s lives around a certain theme or time of life, such as coming of age, one’s career, retirement, pregnancy and the birth of a child.

LEGACY LETTER / ETHICAL WILL. This option captures someone’s values and beliefs, lessons learned, proud moments, and messages to be passed along to loved one.  It is not a legal document.

FAMILY RECIPES. This includes recipe contributions of family or community members presented with stories and images in a cookbook.

A TRIBUTE BOOK.   Gathering several voices of those who are and were important to a special person, a tribute book would be created and given as a gift to this person at a celebration.

CHILDREN’S OWN WORDS. The popular Art Linkletter had a show called, “Kids Say the Darndest Things” and reminds us that children often say things that amaze us for their clarity, frankness and insight.  I will interview your children to capture their thoughts and perspectives on life, to be shared with them when they grow up.  Parents’ written permission will be mandatory.

So, you ask, how much does this service and product cost?   That’s a fair question.  Similarly, when buying a car, you might also ask, ‘How much does a car cost?’ The answer, of course, would be, ‘That depends.’  It would depend upon the make, model and the age of the car and the costs could vary greatly.  Just as a car vendor cannot answer definitively how much a car would cost, so too the cost of a personal history service and resulting product would depend on a number of factors, such as the option you choose, my time, the scope of the project, number of photos and graphics and the degree to which they need editing, whether specialists need to be involved, such as design or photo restoration experts, the quality of materials and the quantity of books you require.   Having said that, the range of cost would go from about $500 for recorded interviews only to about $6000 for a quality coffee table book documenting one’s whole life.

While I will contract directly with one primary person, some folks have spread the costs of the book and my time among those who wish to have a copy.  One example of that is a tribute book for an 80th birthday, where everyone closely connected with the special person will contribute stories about this person to be incorporated into a book.  Those involved would help to pay for the book that is presented to him/her at a birthday celebration.   Another example is that of family members who all contribute to the cost of having a parent’s life history documented and presented in a book.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss the options that would work for you.

Anne Miller is a personal historian.
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