“The unrecorded past is none other than our old friend, the tree in the primeval forest which fell without being heard.”
Barbara Tuchman


As a personal historian, my goal is to capture your life stories, in whole or in part, and to present them in a variety of ways for you, your family and your community to cherish for generations to come.

Various options include:

Full-life hard cover books – the story of a lifetime.
• A theme book, which captures slices of people’s lives around a certain theme, such as a passion for gardening or sailing, a special trip, or, around a segment of one’s life, such as coming of age, a career, or a pregnancy and birth of a child.
Eulogies and acknowledgements. This option captures the essence of loved ones who have passed – their characters, what and who they loved and what they offered the world, to be shared online, in writing or spoken in the presence of loved ones.
• A tribute book is a way of honouring someone who reaches a milestone in his or her life, such as an anniversary, retirement, a birthday or a highpoint in one’s career. This book could be a compilation of several voices, those who are and were important to this special person. This tribute book of stories and images could be presented to this person at a celebration or distributed electronically. This could also be a celebration of a family or community in the form of a book, such as a cookbook, with recipes, related stories and pictures, compiled of contributions from family or members of a community group.

“ ‘What a waste’, he said. ‘All those people saying all those wonderful things and Irv never got to hear any of it.’ ”
Mitch Albom

Anne Miller is a personal historian.